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Source of fundingProject durationProject titleProject coordinator
Research Council of Lithuania2022-2025Fully inorganic periodic nanostructures based on porous coatings (No. S-MIP-22-80)L. Grinevičiūtė
Research Council of Lithuania2022-2024Research on plasma assisted deposition of hafnia and silica films for development of low stress and highly laser damage resistant optical coatingsG. Abromavičius
MITA2021-2022Development of laser collimator prototype for ultra-high power NIR applicationsL. Grinevičiūtė
EU2020-2023New optical Components based on nanostructured dielectric thin films designs for application in MicroLasersT. Tolenis
UAB Altechna2021-2022Prototyping of high-reflective coatings with ultra-low absorption for laser 355 nm wavelength radiationR. Buzelis
EU2020-2022Investigation of plasma etching of optical substratesG. Abromavičius
Research Council of Lithuania2020-2022Unique anisotropic Coatings for phase and polarization control in high Power laser systemsT. Tolenis
Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology2019-2020Formation of spatial filters for quality control of laser light based on optical coatingsT. Tolenis
EU2018-2019Development of new optical coatings for infrared radiation using germanium thin layers (GeDang, 09.3.3.-LMT-K-712-10-0040)A. Belolsudtsev
UAB Optoman2018Si / Ge / Al2O3 and SiO2-based coatings deposited by magnetron sputter technology and their optical, structural characterization in IR (1-5 μm) rangeA. Belolsudtsev
EU2017-2018Project Nr. 09.3.3-LMT-K-712-03-0026. Development and investigation of aluminum oxide / aluminum nitride -based coatings prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering (ReMAlON)A. Belolsudtsev
EUA2016-2018ESPRESSO – ESsential PREparation steps for qualification longevity of Space OpticsUAB Lidaris
EU2018Project Nr. 09.3.3-LMT-K-712-03-0052. Zero-degree light angle polarizers, formed on the basis of sculptural coatingsT. Tolenis
UAB Optogama2018Investigation of optical and structural characteristics of CrO2 and SiO2 thin films by forming physical and chemical coating technologiesT. Tolenis
UAB Optolita2017-2018Prototype development and investigation of sculptural thin layer-based, transparent and high-reflection optical coatings in the UV spectral rangeT. Tolenis
UAB Integrated Optics2016-2018Development of technology and study of the zero-degree light angle polarizators for 1064 nm wavelengthT. Tolenis
UAB Optida2017-2018Development of high-damage threshold antireflective optical coatings at 1064 nm on undoped YAG crystals technology and investigation of optical properties of elementsA. Belolsudtsev
UAB Altechna2017Creation of anti-reflective coatings prototype on SPINEL crystals with extremely high laser radiation resistance at 1535 nm wavelength.K. Juškevičius
UAB Optolita2017Sculptural thin layer-based anti-reflective and high-reflective optical coatings in the UV spectral range prototype development and investigation.T. Tolenis
UAB Optida2017Investigation of the resistance of the coatings formed on the ends of the optical fibers to environmental effects.S. Kičas
UAB MGF Šviesos konversija2017Investigation of negative group velocity dispersion mirrors with a very high (3000-5000 fs2) narrow spectral width dispersion.S. Kičas
UAB Optolita2017Investigation of high-damage threshold anti-reflective coatings on nonlinear crystals using production of nano-sculptured layers technologies.R . Buzelis
UAB Optida2016Investigation of TI3O5 thin film properties and resistance to laser radiation dependence on assisted plasma source parameters.R. Drazdys
UAB Optida2016Research to create and optimize reactive magnetron sputtering (RMD) technology for producing HfO2 and ZrO2 layers by sputtering metal hafnium and zirconium.R. Buzelis
UAB MGF Šviesos konversija2016Investigation of laser radiation resistance of optical coatings with 600 fs2 group velocity dispersion.R. Drazdys
UAB MGF Šviesos konversija2016Investigation of resistance of optical coatings with managed group delay dispersion to laser radiation.R. Drazdys
UAB Optida2015Investigation of optical and physical properties of thin metal oxides films formed by reactive magnetron sputtering technology.R. Drazdys