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Plasmonics and nanophotonics laboratory

Objectives: to study plasmonic and nanophotonic structures for optical resonators, photonic crystals and metamaterials, sub-wave waveguide, diffraction structures and ultra-sensitive optical nanosensors.


  • Generation of hybrid plasmonic modes and characterization of their optical response in photonic crystal/metal nanostructures
  • Bloch surface waves excitation on photonic crystals and application for optical biosensing
  • Development of ultra-sensitive plasmonic nanosensors based on strong coupling regime of various plasmonic states
  • Development of modeling methods for plasmonic and  nanophotonic structures (FDTD, BPM, FEM, quantum electrodynamics).
  • Design and characterization of high quality silicon nanophotonic resonators.
  • Design, characterization and production of photonic crystals, metamaterials, diffractive optical elements, computer holograms.
  • Development of hybrid waveguides, sub-angular plasmons, nanophotonic devices (E-modulators, switches, lasers, sensors).


Studies of protein’s interaction at solid-liquid interfaces based on plasmonics combined with total internal reflection ellipsometry (TIRE).

prof. dr. Zigmas Balevičius

prof. dr. Zigmas Balevičius

Head of Laboratory

Chief researcher