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Laser microfabrication laboratory

The main activity of the laboratory is to find applications for lasers manufactured in Lithuania in industrial processes for precise and local processing of materials.

Mission: Provide high-tech solutions based on science and technology to business and society.

Objectives: to develop and implement laser microfabrication technologies based on light-matter interaction studies and numerical simulation, thus filling the gap between fundamental research and commercial exploitation of their results in laser and optical technologies.


  • Development, implementation, and expertise of laser materials processing technologies;
  • Investigation of physicochemical phenomena which determine the formation of microstructures in the influence of intense laser radiation;
  • The formation of micro and nanostructures by laser methods for sensors, microsystems, and other technical applications;
  • Consultations on the application of lasers in manufacturing processes.

Areas of activity:

  • Technologies and processes of thin-layer materials processing (Solar cells, thin-layer electronics);
  • Direct laser treatment of interfering laser beams (ablation and multiphoton polymerization, formation and application of 2D and 3D structures, functional surfaces, biomedicine);
  • Laser technology for the modification of transparent media (marking, hidden marking, 3D structures);
  • Construction of laser microfabrication processes and components
dr. Paulius Gečys

dr. Paulius Gečys

Head of Laboratory

Chief Researcher