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Ongoing projects

Source of fundingProject durationProject nameProject coordinator
LMT2018-2021"Development of Transparent Industrial Laser Processing Technologies", SKAILAZP. Gečys

Past projects

Source of fundingProject durationProject nameProject coordinator
Eurostars2016-2019SLAM-HELP Simultaneous Large-Area Micropatterning with High Energy Laser PulsesG. Račiukaitis
LMT2017-2018Lithuanian-Belarusian Science and Technology Cooperation Project "Development of Nanoparticles Generated by Laser Methods and the Formation of Structures Containing Nanoparticles Through Laser Lithography"E. Stankevičius
LMT NMP „Toward future technologies“2016-2018„ Formation of bio-inspired functional surfaces for space applications by hybrid laser-chemical processing technology“, FUNSPACEM. Gedvilas
LMT NMP „Toward future technologies“2016-2018"Carbon circuit with integrated field transistor and graphene supercapacitor for detector modules", G-SUPERCAPG. Astromskas (FTMC)
LMT NMP „Toward future technologies“2016-2018"Compact integrated THz components and spectroscopic THz imaging systems", KITKASI. Kašalynas (FTMC)
EC FP72013-2017APPOLO - Hub of Application Laboratories for Equipment Assessment in Laser Based ManufacturingG. Račiukaitis
UAB Precizika Metrology2017Free contour laser cutting of thick glass researchP. Gečys
UAB 3D prototipai2017Parameters testing for 3D printing technology laser processG. Račiukaitis
UAB Optida2017Investigation of magnetron sputtering technology coated optical elements laser cuttingP. Gečys
UAB "Ekspla"2016Investigations of ATLANTIC type laser for microprocessing technologies applicationG. Račiukaitis
UAB "Elas"2016Investigations of laser cutting and cleaning of funnel shape holesP. Gečys
LAM Research2016Laser annealing tests for silicon platesG. Račiukaitis
LMT2015-2016Laser system for the processing of sapphire using a spatial light modulator and ultra-short pulse laser operating in burst mode, BURSAG. Račiukaitis
UAB "Elas"2015Laser microprocessing studies using a high-pulse repetition rate fiber laserP . Gečys
UAB "Ekspla"2015Investigations of the variation of the spectral and temporal parameters of ultrashort pulsed laser systems in changing environmental conditionsG. Račiukaitis