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3D technologies and robotics laboratory

The laboratory’s activities can be divided into two main areas: three-dimensional laser processing and additive manufacturing using the robot and other advanced positioning systems.
Mission: 3D laser technology development and application for industrial processes.


  • to increase TRL (technology readiness level) of electrical conduction tracks on plastic surfaces;
  • Development of 3D object processing technologies using ultrashort pulsed lasers;
  • Investigations of selective electroless catalytic plating on 3D surfaces;
  • 3D object printing using composite materials.


  • Experiments on the local copper deposition on various polymeric materials and glasses, by modifying the surface with laser radiation;
  • Creation of Pilot Demonstration Line for the formation of electrical conductivity tracks on plastic surfaces;
  • Design and development of a 3D laser processing workstation;
  • Formation of a stable copper plating solution;
  • 3D printing experiments using composite materials.
dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis

dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis

Head of Laboratory

Chief researcher