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EOS EOSINT M280 and 3D Systems ProJet CJP 660Pro are the two 3D printers used in the 3D Technologies and Robotics Laboratory.

The EOS EOSINT M280 is an industrial 3D printer based on the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) 3D printing technology. This 3D printing technique uses a fibre laser to melt and fuse fine metal powder. The printer has a 200 W built-in Yb (Ytterbium) fibre laser with a wavelength of 1060-1100 nm. The maximum build size is 250 x 250 x 325 mm. Different metal powders can be used in the printing process.

The CJP ProJet 660Pro, using the ColorJet Printing technology, is a full color ceramic 3D printer for professional use. It can print to a resolution of 600 x 540 dpi and has a build size of 254 x 381 x 203 mm. The printing speed is up to 28 mm/h and the minimal layer thickness is 0.1 mm. Using its 1520 jets and 5 print heads and the high-performance VisiJet PXL core and bonding materials, this 3D printer can create photo-realistic and precise color models.

3D laser microprocessing equipment:

  • Picosecond solid state Nd: YVO4 laser Atlantic (Ekspla), with II and III harmonics modules.
  • 6-axis robot arm YASKAWA Epx1250 with controller nx100. Maximum load 5 kg.
  • dual-wavelength (1064 and 532 nm) Scanner – intelliSACN 14 with RTC 5 controller, mounted on a
    robot arm.