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Būsimi įvykiai

LAZERIAI. MOKSLAS IR TECHNOLOGIJOS 20192019 08 30-31Dubingiai, Lietuva
COLA 2019 15th International Conference on Laser Ablation2019 09 8-13Maui, JAV

Įvykę įvykiai

SPIE Photonics West2018 01 27 - 02 01San Franciskas, JAVG. Račiukaitis, Asymmetrical Bessel-Gaussian beams for fast glass cutting
CLEO 20182018 05 13-18San Chozė, JAVE. Stankevičius, Photopolymerization differences by using nanosecond and picosecond laser pulses
LPM 20182018 06 25-29Edinburgas, Didžioji BritanijaA. Žemaitis, Efficient ultrafast laser ablation for 3D structuring and engraving
P. Gečys, Elliptical Bessel beam for glass dicing
V. Stankevič, Volume gratings determined by spherical aberration recorded by femtosecond pulses deep in fused silica
LANE 20182018 09 03-06Fiurtas, VokietijaJ. Dudutis, Bessel beam asymmetry control for glass dicing applications
E. Markauskas, Thin water film assisted glass ablation with a picosecond laser
ICPEPA 112018 09 10-14Vilnius, LietuvaM. Gedvilas, Efficient Laser Scanning Ablation Procedure for Ultrafast Surface Structuring
P. Gečys, Dicing of soda-lime glass with elliptical Bessel beam
E. Stankevičius, Nanosecond Laser Treatment of Thin Gold Film on ITO Glass
E. Markauskas, Optimization of P3 Laser Process in CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cells
R. Trusovas, Graphene formation in wood by 1064 nm laser irradiation
M. Gaidys, Efficient picosecond laser ablation on cylindrical surfaces
A. Skirsgilas, Fabrication of scanned three-dimensional object by efficient laser ablation
PPPT-92018 09 17-21Minsk, BelarusR. Trusovas, Formation of graphene structures in wood by laser irradiation
E. Stankevičius, Generation of gold nanoparticles on ITO glass using nanosecond laser and their potential application in electrochemistry
APROPOS-162018 10 10-12Vilnius, LietuvaG. Račiukaitis, Reduction of graphite oxide to graphene using intense laser irradiation
SPIE Photonics West2019 02 02-07San Franciskas, JAV
LAMP 20192019 05 21-24Hirošima, Japonija
LIM, Laser world of Photonics paroda2019 06 23-27Miunchenas, Vokietija